Bosh back verse the Nets

With all the hoopla and attention surrounding Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, it’s easy to forget about the other Heat player making $16,022,500.00 this season.

Just for a little extra emphasis; that is sixteen million, twenty-two thousand and five hundred dollars.

[And if you want to add a little more “umph” to that, ESPN has this really, really fun tool on their website that enables you to calculate how long it takes a professional athlete to make your annual salary.

Talk about ways to raise ones spirits.

Since I was already researching Chris Bosh, I decided to see how long it takes him to earn as much as I earn in an entire year. Apparently my insignificant and pitiful excuse for a yearly income is made by Chris Bosh in the first 2.75 minutes of the season; and as the website so eloquently stated, “[I] will need to work 917.5 years in order to make Chris Bosh’s annual salary.”

You can see my results here, or if you wish to form your own personal feelings of jealousy, anger, rounded off with a paralyzing sense of disgust, continue here.]

Chris Bosh is returning tonight after a three game absence after attending his grandmother’s funeral. The Heat are 2-1 in the stretch, suffering losses to both the Lakers and the Jazz. The team initially expected him to miss two games and be back in time for the Lakers, but understandably needed an extra day to console with his family.

After all, family first. Even Lebron tweeted the other day “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again…(No doubt! Godfather classic quote)”

Friday night in Utah the Heat were out rebounded 50-32, and 44-35 at the Staples Center on Sunday.

Chris Bosh has been missed.

Both in his tangibles (8.3 rebounds, 18.4 points) and intangibles (putting a big body on the floor and his intense… intensity). Offensively the Heat were able to compensate after good performances from Battier (18 points vs the Jazz) and Chalmers (15 points verse the Lakers). But Bosh has been missed most on the defensive end. According to The ESPN Archive, Miami has held opposing teams to 96.9 points per 100 possessions. Compare that to the last three games where opposing teams averaged 105.9 points per 100 possessions vs the Heat.

The Heat hope to turn around tonight against the New Jersey Nets, and attempt to contain Deron Williams after he torched the Bobcats for 57 points.

Chemistry is a very delicate and intricate part of the NBA, arguably much more so than any other professional sport. Bosh’s presence was missed both on and off the court, as Wade said today “It was very good to see him. You notice how much you miss the guy. We had a little bromance moment. I wanted to hug him.”


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