Conclusions. Heat 108 New Jersey 78.

This game was all about Bosh. And the throwback ABA Miami Floridian Jerseys. Funkadelic.


– The Miami Floridians vs. the New York Nets. I love the 70’s retro throwback jerseys.

-This game was all about Chris Bosh

– The Net’s were without their second best player as Brook Lopez remained inactive with an ankle injury. Given the lack of their front court presence, the Nets looked to compete with their perimeter play

– The Heat looked very excited to be back home, playing in front of an electric, sold out crowd at the American Airlines Arena. Lebron James even tweeted about it, check here.

– The Heat had great early ball movement and rotation on their defense. The Nets were cold from the perimeter, particularly from beyond the arc.

– This game was over before it started.

– Marshon Brooks is a promising young talent for the Nets. He was able to make space for himself with Wade guarding him. He is the second highest scoring rookie in the league.

– Wade, James, Bosh, Chalmers… Anthony. If any contender was in need of a serious upgrade it is Miami. Joel is a decent defender and hard worker, but he has no business starting on this team. He would be a fantastic element to the second unit behind… Chris Kaman… (Fingers crossed)

– Stating the obvious, but D Will is such a Baller. (That is Baller with a capital B) He will have a very bright future if he remains with the Nets. He’ll be the face of a franchise that will eventually contend. Their move from Jersey to Brooklyn sets him up with the ability to be the basketball god and hero to the most populated borough in the largest city in America. They have a great coach, a great organization, a young team, and cap space to sign free agents. He would be stupid to leave the Nets.

– Bosh played inspired basketball both offensively and defensively.

– James played as efficient as ever.

– Wade highlighted the night with a completely ridiculous falling-no look-sideways layup. Over or under, number two on ESPN’s top ten tomorrow. (skip to 18 second mark to see)


– Miami played extremely fast off the break tonight. Jersey didn’t even know what hit them.

– The Heat ended the first quarter up 30-17 on 70% shooting


– The 2nd quarter was lead by Cole, Mattier, Miller, Haslem and Bosh

– The ball rotation was simply gorgeous, highlighted by a Bosh-to-Miller-to Battier-to-Cole-for-three play

– This unit put Miami up by twenty two points, capping a 15-0 run

– Bosh was 7 for 10 halfway through the second with 14 points

– The NBA has the best marketing team out of any professional sport. The cinematography is stunning, the ideas are always compelling, and the message is always clear.

The bobblehead commercial to kick off the NBA season was classic


The “NBA Forever” commercial still sends chills down my spine


And I saw this Dirk commercial for the first time tonight. Brilliant.

– Norris Cole played well offensively, finishing with 13 points on five for seven shooting. He had no chance in hell guarding Deron Williams though

– Dexter Pittman finished with 10 points and Joel Anthony scored on an off balanced eight footer… Is this heaven?

– Avery Johnson had no answers. You almost felt bad for the man as he played all eleven of his eligible players midway through the second quarter. He tried different lineups, tweaking something here, changing something there… Nothing could stop the Heat as they lead 64-37 at the half on 66% shooting and holding the Nets to 38% shooting.


– Any hopes the Nets had of opening the second half with a burst of energy and knock off some of their deficit, were immediately shot to shit as Chalmers nailed a three, extending the lead to thirty points

– Battier and Chalmers did well guarding Williams. After netting 57 last night he was held to  16 points and 4 assists. Granted he didn’t play much in the fourth quarter.

– Wade rolled his ankle for the second time in the past two games, the same ankle that sidelined him for six games earlier this season. He went out early in the third and never re-entered. The injury does not look serious, as Wade was on the bench, smiling through the final quarters and dismissing the personal trainers. More news to come

– Deron Williams has one of the fastest releases in the game. It’s just flat out stupid. He will catch the ball from a pass, and a millisecond later, it’s bound for the rim… usually ending in a field goal

– If the Nets can acquire Dwight Howard and get a a few decent role players, it’s over. That will be the greatest 1/5 combo in the history of the NBA.

– Lebron finished the third quarter by banking a buzzer beater (some nifty alliteration there for you) some fifteen feet past the three point arc, sending the American Airlines Arena into a frenzy. It would be his last action of the game.


– The fourth quarter lineup consisted of Cole, Johnson (yes), Miller, Haslem and Pittman. When you hear those names combined in the same sentence, it’s probably the 4th quarter of a Heat blowout win.

– And then when you see Juwan Howard in, it’s definitely the 4th quarter of a Heat blowout win.

– Heat vs Hawks tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.


Bosh back verse the Nets

With all the hoopla and attention surrounding Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, it’s easy to forget about the other Heat player making $16,022,500.00 this season.

Just for a little extra emphasis; that is sixteen million, twenty-two thousand and five hundred dollars.

[And if you want to add a little more “umph” to that, ESPN has this really, really fun tool on their website that enables you to calculate how long it takes a professional athlete to make your annual salary.

Talk about ways to raise ones spirits.

Since I was already researching Chris Bosh, I decided to see how long it takes him to earn as much as I earn in an entire year. Apparently my insignificant and pitiful excuse for a yearly income is made by Chris Bosh in the first 2.75 minutes of the season; and as the website so eloquently stated, “[I] will need to work 917.5 years in order to make Chris Bosh’s annual salary.”

You can see my results here, or if you wish to form your own personal feelings of jealousy, anger, rounded off with a paralyzing sense of disgust, continue here.]

Chris Bosh is returning tonight after a three game absence after attending his grandmother’s funeral. The Heat are 2-1 in the stretch, suffering losses to both the Lakers and the Jazz. The team initially expected him to miss two games and be back in time for the Lakers, but understandably needed an extra day to console with his family.

After all, family first. Even Lebron tweeted the other day “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again…(No doubt! Godfather classic quote)”

Friday night in Utah the Heat were out rebounded 50-32, and 44-35 at the Staples Center on Sunday.

Chris Bosh has been missed.

Both in his tangibles (8.3 rebounds, 18.4 points) and intangibles (putting a big body on the floor and his intense… intensity). Offensively the Heat were able to compensate after good performances from Battier (18 points vs the Jazz) and Chalmers (15 points verse the Lakers). But Bosh has been missed most on the defensive end. According to The ESPN Archive, Miami has held opposing teams to 96.9 points per 100 possessions. Compare that to the last three games where opposing teams averaged 105.9 points per 100 possessions vs the Heat.

The Heat hope to turn around tonight against the New Jersey Nets, and attempt to contain Deron Williams after he torched the Bobcats for 57 points.

Chemistry is a very delicate and intricate part of the NBA, arguably much more so than any other professional sport. Bosh’s presence was missed both on and off the court, as Wade said today “It was very good to see him. You notice how much you miss the guy. We had a little bromance moment. I wanted to hug him.”